Investment Management for Condominium Corporations 

When it comes to condominiums with multi-million dollar budgets, it’s not surprising that questions and concerns regarding investment returns often end up coming in last, or never even being talked about at all. 

Most condominiums often wind up depositing their reserve funds into a bank account, not understanding that the opportunity cost of this could translate directly to losing thousands of dollars of income. It’s important to have a professional Financial Advisor actively involved with your account to assist you in creating substantial 
benefits that work for you- which includes having regular and systematic investments that will assist you in achieving your overarching investment plans. 
Achieving better returns will allow you to slow down the increase in condominium fees, and being armed with a comprehensive investment plan guarantees that the investment decisions and financial choices made are suited for your condominium ‘s unique reserve fund cash flow situation. 

Saving Money & Enhancing Services 

You are always looking for the best ways to enhance the services your condo offers, and to save as much money as possible along the way. We work closely with your board to actively increase the returns that are earned from your condo’s reserve funds, while also adhering strictly to the Provincial guidelines relating to investment criteria in the Condo Act. 

Who is Investment Planning Counsel?  

Investment Planning Counsel (IPC) is a Canadian wealth management company, with over $24 Billion of investment assets under administration and over 900 advisors across the country. IPC is part of IGM Financial Inc., a TSX listed company, and a member of the Power Financial Corporation group of companies, one of the largest financial companies in Canada. This strength and stability ensures that our clients receive the care and attention they deserve to help them achieve their goals and live their dreams.  

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GIC Rates

Fixed-Term GICs*    Redeemable GICs* 
1 Year 4.90%   Minimum Deposit $5000,
Cashable after 90 days
- 4.25% 
2 Year 4.75%  
3 Year 4.60%   Minimum Deposit $1,000,
Cashable after 30 days
- 4.10%
4 Year 3.05%  
5 Year 4.40%  


Scotiabank High Interest Savings(completely liquid) 4.65%

Market Linked GIC * Contact us for more details*


*Rates are subject to change without notice

*Rates updated after last BOC announcement

All issuers are CDIC/CUDIC insured